Throw Your Outdoor Party



We are entering the perfect season to spend the most of our time outdoors! Going for walks, relaxing in parks, enjoying time with friends and family while picnicking or simply barbecuing in your backyard- so many tremendous outdoor activities to keep us busy this coming summer! Let’s focus on today’s theme- How to throw your outdoor party? What are the much needed things to consider when throwing out an outdoor party?

Place, decorations, and food are definitely the main elements to have in mind.

First, spot the perfect place. Then, get the furniture right!

Feel like making your bash in a park? Bring out your throw or blanket with you. Any colors will do, but we suggest you match it with your color theme if you have one!


Feel like staying close to home? Throw a party in your backyard without worrying about moving and shifting your furniture too far. If you don’t have any outdoor furniture: bring your dinette out!  This is a great alternative from 3 pieces to 7 pieces; our Ashley Furniture dinettes can accommodate most of your guests when eating on a table.Benches are also a good option for gathering lots of people around your table.


Smart decorating with simplicity

If you are a foodie, we have no doubt that your table will be full of unthinkable dishes, so forget about using any decorations on your table. Plenty is no plague! What about lighting?  You can set up a lively atmosphere with candles!  Lemongrass candles are so efficient – it will repulse mosquitos and give a great lemony fresh scent! The Kadeem candle holder is one of our “coup de Coeur”. This stylish holder can help set the mood with your party theme as you can incorporate stones, sand, pebbles or topiary touches thanks to its removable tray.


Food, food always!

The best part of outdoor parties is that you don’t need to make a complicated menu to please your guests. A BBQ is more than enough to satisfy meat or vegan lovers! Give yourself some time for preparation the night before or a few hours prior to ensure that you marinate your elements, so that you can relax and spend time with your guests. BBQ has always been a great woman’s cooking “runaway” as man loves being in control of the grill!


Let’s make the month of June the most outdoorsy partying time ever!

Content provided by: @tailbase

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